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Carcano-v-McCrory-Complaint. HB 2 North Carolina Anti-LGBT Bathroom Law

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The attached document is the Complaint filed by Lambda Legal and others against the Governor of North Carolina and others, protesting the passage of HB 2, the notorious anti-LGBT law that has been in the press lately. While you can read it for yourself, I want to comment on a few things contained therein. The last thing I want to ever do is pass judgement on the Complaint itself. But as a transgender and intersex person who wants the public to learn about us as well as this law declared unconstitutional, I cannot help but notice some things brought forth that will help educate uninformed readers about us, our decency, our humanness, and our needs for love and respect.

Two of the Plaintiffs are transgender men. When a lot of people hear the word “transgender”, the image of a man dressed as a woman comes to mind. The idea that a biological man would dress up as a woman just to assault children in a public restroom is part of the fear engendered against those of us who are gender dysphoric. It isn’t that long ago that if a little boy told his parents or other responsible adults that he was really a girl, this would mean a stay at a state hospital and shock treatment to correct this “malady”.

Reflecting on my own journey, I also wonder if for a man to transition into womanhood sends a conscious or unconscious negative message to some men that maybe THEY aren’t men. Maybe THEY don’t have “balls”. When some of us are murdered, it isn’t quick. We are beaten, cut, set on fire– before the relief of death comes. We remember our dead yearly in the US and internationally. My own PTSD and trauma are tearing ME up now as I write this. Take a break.

For a female to become a man is not as well-known as a man becoming a woman. And it doesn’t rile up the haters as much, even if they knew there are women who become men. But we are both adversely affected by HB 2. Taking time in the Complaint to describe gender dysphoria, the Standards of Care of W-PATH, hormones, surgery, the other medical and social protocols, and the RIGHT we share with all persons to a life of freedom, safety, and growth cannot help but educate the entire Court.

The Complaints also condemns HB2 as much more than just a transgender issue. The whole LGBT community is affected by the atmosphere this law projects onto. LGB persons of color, as well as white. Being LGBT is not sinful or done for fun. This is who we are.

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Transgender – Suicide is Painless

There was a time I played this video over and over. Things happened in my life that I was, and still am, so grateful for. I was found by persons on another continent, family, who loved me for the person I really was. My being transgender didn’t make me a freak, a pervert, someone to keep the children away from. They had been looking for me for a long,long time: both in Europe and the US. Sounds really good doesn’t it? So what was my response to this?

I wanted to kill myself.

They saw me as someone worthy of love, someone to include in their lives. Someone to clean the house and get things ready for when I went to visit them and stay for awhile. Someone to buy “special” food for and cook for. Someone to love. And THAT is what introduced the suicidality.

They loved me more than I loved myself.

Fortunately, I had the where-with-all to listen to my European family, my friends, and others and GET HELP. I got a therapist, set up a suicide prevention plan, and pledged to do the work I had to do so that I could return the love they and others had for me. In short:

I knew I could be loved and I was not afraid.

It is now over a year since I started getting my life in order. And I feel SO MUCH BETTER. This blog is the result of my new lease on life. Instead of wanting to die and checking out ways to do it, I want to live and do what I can to help others live, and thrive, and become their true selves. I want to make the world a better place for all humanity. THIS is what I have been called to do by my Higher Power, who told me point blank:

I have work for you to do here. Then, I will call you home.

Marching orders.❤️

Kolla in det här videoklippet på YouTube:

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The Guardian: “US prohibits imprisoning transgender inmates in cells based on birth anatomy”

The US is a big place and for the Guardian to say that the whole country has prohibited imprisoning transgender persons based on their “birth anatomy” (gender assigned at birth (?)) is–despite the reported Federal guidelines*–really stretching things. Using San Francisco as an example and then generalizing this reality as the “norm” for the rest of the nation is ludicrous. The sad reality for transgender persons for the most part is that they don’t have the money for health services, therapy, and document updating to at least support their assertions with law enforcement that they are, in fact, undergoing or have undergone gender change. And correctional staff, like doctors, psychologists, and health and social workers on the outside, don’t really know what to do with people whose bodies tell one story and their minds tell another.

The embedded video tells it like it is for many transgender children and young people. They are rejected by their families, dumped out on the streets, and have to fend for themselves. Selling the drugs they don’t consume and engaging in prostitution are two ways to afford a place off the streets at night. The families that rejected them have been replaced by the other street people who they have thrown in with for group survival in this “City By the Bay” where they have all fled to in their fantasies and pain.


*Link to DOJ Guidelines is also embedded in the article. Guidelines do not have the force of law. They are recommended practices to be followed, unless other ways in a specific jurisdiction are judged as good or better than the prescribed blanket Guidelines. This is a start in the struggle for transgender and intersex prisoners’ rights across the U.S. But implementation of these rights will take time, if in some places they ever get implemented.

US prohibits imprisoning transgender inmates in cells based on birth anatomy

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BBC News: North Carolina revokes transgender and gay protections

Hej min vänner:

Here is the BBC’s take on the latest GOP hate trip. What does “The Donald” think about all this? The Queer vote is a big voting block that Hillary has to get her elected this November. My activist mind is spinning its wheels with “appropriate” nonviolent acts of civil disobedience. Unlike Donald, I spent my father’s inheritance to live on so I can’t pay legal fees or bail bonds.

Will adults have to carry their birth certificates to piss at a ball game? (Beer sales will suffer.) Trans girls will make a mess if they try to stand at a urinal. Trans people get beaten up or murdered if they are in an unsafe place and don’t pass. And being trans in a crowded male john shy of sit-down facilities IS an unsafe place. Use the bushes or go in your panties!

This uncaring, dangerous, stupid, politically-driven BS will be declared what it is by a court of law. And as for so many of our human rights in the past we queer folk will scape up the money to fight and prevail over this. The U.S. Supreme Court may have to eventually get in the act. Transgender people are not evil, sinful, stubborn, etc. What is evident on an ultrasound or at birth is not always a perfect blue-blanket baby or pink-blanket baby. And external genitalia presentation is not always the final judge of gender as medical science will confirm.

Hey! Hey!
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Nature calls and I got to go!

Power to the People!

I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

North Carolina revokes transgender and gay protections_88934873_charlotte.jpgThe US state of North Carolina enacts a law that bars its cities and counties from having their own anti-discrimination rules.
Disclaimer: The BBC is not responsible for the content of this email, and anything written in this email does not necessarily reflect the BBC’s views or opinions. Please note that neither the email address nor name of the sender have been verified.

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Random Tankar (random thoughts) 25 mars 2016. (Pro-Equality Groups Considering Legal Challenge to North Caro lina’s Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law | Lambda Legal)

What is the mindset of politicians who refuse to represent all their constituents and end up colluding in passing a state law that will only harm mainly school children whose gender identities do not line up with the genders they were assigned at birth? Without measured and thoughtful consideration the Governor just rubber-stamped what his GOP cronies wanted.

Being transgender is not a choice or some where “you can change if you want to”. In my childhood being a “fruit cake” could mean a stay in a state hospital with shock therapy. Now there are national and international medical, social, and political organizations that recognize gender diversity as just part of the fabric of humanity. For a transgender child or young person to contemplate and commit suicide because of the bullying, harassment, and shaming of family, teachers, and peers is public homicide. And North Carolina has greatly facilitated that kind of homicide thanks to a state law generated out of ignorance, fear, and partisan political gain.

So we begin again. My LGB sisters and brothers got what they wanted last year with the US Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. Now they must stay in the battle with their transgender sisters and brothers who were with them in those early days of Compton’s Cafeteria and Stonewall Inn.

We are NOT just tag-a-longs. We have been with you from the start!

Please read the Lambda Legal link attached and support the cause. If you are NOT LGBTI, please also help. You most likely have closeted and non-closeted family, friends, and others who want their children to live as the persons they truly are.

Pro-Equality Groups Considering Legal Challenge to North Carolina’s Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law | Lambda Legal

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Use of Public Restrooms by Transgender Persons PDF

I came out in a small town in Washington State in the second half of 2003. The first time I used the public restroom congruent with my newly-affirmed gender was on a ferry boat between Bremerton and Seattle. At that time my driver’s license gender marker was still male, but I had a “bathroom letter” from my gender therapist explaining my presence in the women’s restroom. Even with this letter I was still anxious about entering that segregated space as a woman.

(In the fifth-grade I accidentally wandered into the girl’s bathroom. My mother had told me repeatedly as a boy that if I didn’t start acting like the other boys I would end up in the “booby hatch” and they would throw the key away. In fear I fled the scene of my crime and worried the rest of the day that someone would report me.)

On the boat I had received some whistles from persons who thought I was a guy in drag, but there were no verbal assaults, or worse. A lady with a shaved head had just come out of the restroom (chemo?) when the call of nature demanded I make my move. I entered the restroom, nonchalantly passed through a clean lounge area with mirrors and shelving, and entered the toilet area. Fortunately that was an available stall that I quickly entered, then locked the door, and started breathing again.

I made it this far! Now, after doing my business, I had to leave. Upon opening the door to wash my hands before leaving, I saw a female ferry employee handing out paper towels. The towel dispenser was broken! Oh shit!, I thought, she will know!!! I shuddered, as she silently handed me a towel. Then I walked out of the restroom.

On later occasions when I used the ladies’ restroom facilities on the Washington State Ferries, I had gotten used to my new life experiences living as a female. Traveling across the Sound in the mornings allowed me to put my makeup on at one of the mirrors with the other ladies going to work. That was so neat-o just being one of the girls!!!😊😊😊

No one who didn’t know me before my transition ever made any comments about my use of the women’s restroom in those early days. When I went to renew my driver’s license with the new name and the new gender, the employees there were so flustered about this they forgot to give me a vision test!

Some people who did know me in the small town I came out in did give me some problems. They had their own ideas about someone being a man or a woman and using the public restrooms. The ACLU went to bat for me in a problem with the senior center and the city government. Another time two young Wal-Mart male employees questioned me after I left the ladies’ restroom. (It was Halloween and I hadn’t shaved.). I came on to them like a TV lawyer and wrote their names down. This scared the crap out of them.

The coup de gras came just a couple years ago here in Salem. A bailiff at the circuit court challenged me. Loudly and with a BIG SMILE I asked him if he wanted to see my ID. As he looked at my Oregon ID card I also told him I had a passport! “Where you from?” Is all he said before handing back my ID.

In thirteen years of transfemale life after coming out at age 60, those have been my experiences using public restrooms. There is NO COMPARISON between the filthy shitholes of male restrooms and the pristine cleanliness of female restrooms. For my transman friends I am sorry for the sad state of affairs in this area. Maybe you can get these cisguys to stop living like animals.

PIP Resource Guide.pdf

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Caitlyn Jenner says life as a transgender woman is liberating

I don’t know what to say, Caitlyn. This is something that is so special to us. Going back is not an option. And going forward will embroil you in a lot of anxiety as you try to get your papers in order.

teefitbloggy spot

Caitlyn Jenner yesterday Monday, July 13 took to her WhoSay blog to
pen a note of appreciation and answer fans’ questions, saying she’s
thrilled with the outpouring of support from family, friends, and fans
worldwide since transforming to a woman. What she wrote after the
“I knew that my transition would get some response, but I
certainly never expected all of this,” she wrote. “It’s honestly
been incredibly positive. I’ve met so many accepting people,
including many through the ‘Ask Me Anything’ section on my
Though the reception has been overwhelmingly kind, Jenner said she has
seen the dark side during her journey.
“It’s been both eye opening and difficult to see firsthand
what so many members of the trans community have had to
go through just to be themselves. I hope to help raise
awareness of these hardships so that it becomes a less painful
process going…

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