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Random Tankar (random thoughts) 11 april 2016: Nästa steg är inte…”kul” (The next step isn ‘t “fun”)

In a book on meditations (Raids on the Unspeakable?) written by the Cistercian monk, Thomas Merton, he speaks of his life of solitude in his hermitage, with the artillery guns from Fort Knox firing in the distance. The writing on the box that his propane heater came in had not been totally painted over, per monetary rules, and he could read the words touting the heater as something to have fun with. In light derision he then comments on his life being so much more than…fun.

My VR counselor, still in her career years, wanted to know how much money I wanted to make going back to work. There were other things, than this blog, I could do to make money easier. I tried to get across that I was retired and doing the blog is a calling, not a job. Whatever income I could garner on the Internet I would pay taxes on; then I would use these after-tax dollars to empower transgender and intersex persons, LGBTI refugees, and the 2030 UN CSW60 agenda for the status of women.

Merton died in Bangkok from accidental electrocution, when he was visiting the Dali Lama. Living alone in the woods he touched innumerable peoples’ lives. In 2030 I will be 87 years old. None of us knows how much time we have left. So we do what we can, for one another, while we are here. At least that is the way I see it.

I en bok meditationer (Raids on the Unspeakable?) skriven av Cistercian munk Thomas Merton, talar han om detta liv av ensamhet i sin hematiga, med artilleripjäser av Fort Knox bränning i fjärren. Låden hans gasolvärmare kom hade inte varit helt målas över, per klosterregler, och han kunde läsa orden försöken practa värmaren som något att has kul med. Mot bakgrund hån, Merton kommenterar sit liv som är så mycket mer an…kul.

Min VR rådgivare, fortfarande i sin karriär ån, frågade mig hur mycket pengar jag vill göra gå tillbaka till arbetet. Det fanns andra saker, än den har bloggen, kan jag göra för att tjäna pengar lättare. Jag försökte få över att jag är pensionerad och gör bloggen var ett kall, inte ett jobb. Oavsett inkommer jag kunde vinna på Internet, jag betala skatt på; använda dessa dollar efter-skatt att ge trans och inter personer, LGBTI flyktingar, och 2030 UN CSW60 för kvinnor ställning.

Merton dog i Bangkok från oavsiktlig elektrisk ström, när han besökte Dali Lama. Bor ensam i skogen, rörde han otaliga människors liv. I 2030 jag vill att vara 87 år gammal. Ingen av oss vet hur mycket tid vi har kvar. Så vi gör vad vi kan för varandra medan vi är har. Åtminstone det är så jag ser det.

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Random Tankar (random thoughts) 30 mars 2016

It has been almost a year since the idea of this blog started floating around in my mind. And with that year behind, I bring to this year some exciting things to raise Transatlantic Transadvocates to a new level of support for the transgender, intersex, and LGBT community worldwide.

Document Cloud (University of Missouri) has accepted me as a member of their elite organization of investigative reporters and editors. With this membership Transatlantic Transadvocates will be able to research topics in depth and create world class posts. The major task before me now is to learn Document Cloud’s protocols, without running afoul of copyright law, so I can provide my readers with quality news and resources.

From now on the Random Tankar posts will be in English and Swedish. If I discover anything in French, Swedish, or Spanish and I decide to translate and publish the item in English, I will do so in accordance with Document Cloud practices.


Det har varit nästen år sedan idén om den har bloggen började flyter runt i mitt sinne. Och med det året bakom, jag tar till nästa år några spännande saker till höja Transatlantic Transadvocates till en annan nivå av stöd för transpersoner, könsblandade och HBT i världen.

Document Cloud (University of Missouri) har accepterat mig som medlen i deras ett organisation av undersökande journalister och redaktörer. Med detta medlemskap Transatlantic Transadvocates forskningsområden på djupet, och kunna skapa världsklass inlägg. Uppgiften framför mig nu är att lära Document Clouds protokoll så att jag kan ge mina läsare, utan att köra i bråk upphovsrätten, med kvalitet nyheter och resurser.

Från och med nu Random Tanker tjänster komma att vara på engelska och svenska. Och jag upptäcker något på franska, svenska och spanska och jag väljer att översätta och publicera artikeln på engelska, kommer att jag göra det i enlighet med Document Cloud praxis.

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Random Tankar (random thoughts) 11 mars 2016. Cultural Identity and Cyberspace

There seems to be a common mindset that immigrants to a new land eventually take on the new culture and forget the cultural of the country they emigrated from. When snail mail was the only way to communicate overseas and travel was limited to marine vessels, this, for the most part, was the case.

During those days Grandfather Westerberg returned to Sweden to visit his sick sister. While there he also had an affair with the young lady who was caring for his sister. This was in 1937. When he returned to his family in the States, he left his sister and a pregnant care-giver behind.

In 2014 I found out about my Swedish aunt and her extended family for the first time. In September 2014 I went to Sweden for a family union (not a reunion). Since that time I have found myself taking on a Swedish identity here in the US.

This is not at all difficult, with the Internet.

SverigesRadio, P5 från Stockholm, is playing in the background as I write this. SVT Play is the Swedish Television Network that I watch now and then. (There are some programs that are blocked for viewing for copyright reasons.). With Skype I can join min svenska familj for dinner while I am having breakfast. Even though they know English our e-posts are in Swedish. This is the family språket and being the polyglot that I am, learning this language is a labor of love.

A month or so ago, a gentleman from the VA stopped by to show me how to use my IPad as a low-vision device. I changed the language to English so he could do this. After he left I changed the language back to Swedish-and I started crying. I told my therapist about this; and she asked me what it meant. Like Kevin Kossner in the film “Dancing with Wolves”, I am taking on a new identity.

When persons come out to their families as LGBT in the US, they are usually rejected. This was my story, also. So when I find I have family that loves and accepts me as the person I am, how can I not take on their cultural identity? Perhaps there is a sense of “getting even” in me when I tell people I no longer have family in the US.

After I bought the IPad and installed Swedish as the device language, I got several notices from my Internet provider that I was suspected of copyright infringement for uploading porn movies and music to Sweden. My attorney told me to ignore the notices and a computer geek I know said I was being harassed by security types for running my iPad in Swedish. There is racial profiling and now “cyber profiling”! ( Jag har titta inte på “Look At Those Titties”. Jag har min egen, tack!)

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ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie – Random Tankar 08 februari 2016


Back in 1978 I bought a Model II Radio Shack computer for about $900. It used a B/W TV as a monitor and a cassette tape player for memory. Don’t ask me how much memory it had. I can’t remember. The field of Internet security didn’t exist at the time. I went to work for an accounting firm that had yet to discover computerized bookkeeping or tax preparation. The green eyeshade had yet to be replaced by computer accounting and tax programs.

Later on I worked for a tax shelter promoter who had his mailing list on a Radio Shack TRS-80. The machine took forever to process this guy’s massive list of clients. Everyone loved the programs, the tax credits, and the tax deductions, except the IRS. For those of us who got burned by this enterprise, the fortunate ones were those who the IRS let off with just paying back past refunds and interest.

In the early 1980s, after becoming a CPA, I started my own accounting practice. For this I had a Zenith PC with a 10 megabyte hard drive, floppy drive, large monitor, and ink-jet printer. This setup cost over $2,000, not counting the $50 accounting program from some place in Texas. The Internet access at the time was by modem with or without toll-free phone numbers.

Fast forward to 1991. My vision soured and I returned to university to get an MA degree in Psychology. I wrote my integration paper on an electronic typewriter. Some of the students used computers at the university, but my spelling was better than computer spellchecks at the time. When I graduated in 1997 with my MA, “LGB” as a field of psychological study didn’t exist. “T” didn’t exist until about seven or eight years ago and “I” has still to be included as a field of psychological study in the US. ( “I” is for Intersex or persons with biological diversity between the gender binary of Male or Female.)

Around 2003, when I came out as transgender, I had my third computer that I was using to promote my abstract art aspirations. The floppy discs were replaced by a mini floppy and a phone line that was free (when it was working). Wife #2 kept that machine and after I resettled in the Olympia, WA area in 2008, I bought a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 operating system. That machine I now use for mostly offline purposes.

PRESENT TIME – If you are still with me.

After returning from Europe in 2014, I bought an Apple IPad. I set the tablet up to run on Swedish. By doing that I triggered a rash of Claim of Copyright Infringement notices. It seems I was accused of uploading porn movies and sending them to recipients in Sweden. Sweden did not sign on to the digital millennium copyright agreement mentioned in ALGORITHM. This scared the crap out of me. My attorney told me to ignore the notices and a computer geek I know said I was being harassed for running my IPad in Swedish. Pirate Bay, folks, I have nothing to do with. But I still get profiled now and then.

“If you have nothing to hide, don’t worry about it,” is all I can do about the reality that my activities on the World Wide Web are being monitored by the FBI and other governmental agencies. That is the world we live in after 9-11. How much of this film is fact or fiction, I don’t know.

And I don’t want to know.

Kolla in det här videoklippet på YouTube:


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Random Tanker (random thoughts) 15 januari 2016

What You See Is What You Get: Data collection and Analyses

It has been about one year since I decided to start this blog. Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out did not motivate me to do this, but she has been and is an important force in the struggle for transgender rights. Visiting family in Sweden last year and experiencing the openness and acceptedness of Swedish society motivated me to get into this effort to do what I can to advance human rights while I am on this earth.

It’s all on the Internet.

Yes, the needles are in the haystack. But the haystack keeps growing. And more needles are added every day. I want this site to be the place to go for “Worldwide Transgender & Intersex News/Resources”. And to work towards this goal I need to search the world for data, sort the data as to what is relevant and credible, and comment on the items to be published. While doing this I must keep in mind not to talk down to or insult the intelligence of my readers.

Plans are underway to make 2016 even a better year than 2015 for Transatlantic Transadvocates. Adding a website to the blog where readers can go for basic foundational knowledge and links to other resources are envisioned.

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Random Tankar (random thoughts) 31 december 2015

The link is to an hour-long chronicle for 2015 from SVT News. The link starts with a little boy washed up on a beach. I find this disturbing. It’s like he is just asleep. I want to take him in my arms and wake him up. You are warned. Du varnas. The link ends with him. Shit!

(Could it be that if we forget our young people all our schemes, big ideas, and ego-farts, don’t mean a thing?)

My cousin tells me my Swedish is getting “bättre och bättre”. More and more I am taking on her culture. No, I don’t understand every word uttered in this link. But with the video, and the language, both written and spoken, I can more and more get the general idea about what is going on.

To be told, as a little boy that I was NOT Swedish was a very cruel thing for my mother to do to me. Adults have a way of taking the anger meant for other adults and dumping on their kids. Having to keep secrets from the children for the sake of other adults is toxic parenting. The kids grow up…Let it stop with you!

Swedish Dads was a good report on BBC News. Seeing this and remembering the grieving fathers after the school massacre in Roseburg holding back their tears (boys don’t cry) makes me so sad. I know ladies transitioning to be men and I really hope they don’t take on this masculine dysfunction.

The FOSTERLAND series on SVT Play were not blocked from viewers in the Western Hemisphere. The stuff that is blocked, for the most part, I could care less about. The musical stuff is International and SVT Play had a lot of good things, especially the Sinatra thing, for Christmas.

American culture celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. St. Lucia Day should be more than a feast day for pious Catholics. Lussekatter tastes good with natural peanut butter. Sorry, Lena, för min skuld.

Se SVT Nyheters årskrönika – Nyheter | SVT.se

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Random Tankar (random thoughts) 22 december 2015

The terrorist activity in France is having a negative effect on the Muslim children there. This has prompted a children’s newspaper over there to devote Tuesdays to these readers. (See below).

And this BBC post has prompted me to write the following:

Next Monday I will be speaking to my funding source about what I feel called to do with a website and my blog. This is such a rapidly-changing time for sexual and gender minorities as well as the persons we live among and share our lives with. Transgender and Gender Nonconforming persons are more and more being recognized as persons with needs that differ from our gay, lesbian, and bisexual sisters and brothers. And Intersex persons, be they transgender or not, must also not be neglected. World bodies are condemning intersex surgeries on newborns and nations are starting to recognize the true diversity of gender beyond the male/female binary.

Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, and Intersex young people endure a lot of mental anguish, both internally and externally. They know they are different from the “norm” imposed by culture, the law, their families, and peers. And the taunts, rejection, hate, and assaults inflicted on them, both mentally and physically, do not go away with time. These persons usually suffer from poor self-esteem and self-worth. They tend to be depressed and think a lot about suicide. Over half of them try to kill themselves.

The website/blog duo has to have a head and a heart. The HEAD will continue to be the “worldwide transgender/intersex news & resources” as well as interesting and relevant scientific and other articles written for the general public.

The HEART will be a place, like an online support group, where readers can go to know they are not alone in their diversity. And like any support group there will be rules regarding admission and conduct. There will be a legal disclaimer so visitors will know that I am not dispensing psychological, medical, legal, or other pertinent advice. Professional help should be engaged where you live, if needed.

Finally, the website/blog will have a donate button. Transatlantic Transadvocates is NOT a nonprofit organization recognized under the tax code of any state or national government. (Not yet, at least.) Since I am receiving retirement benefits from the US government, Transatlantic Transadvocates donations will not be used for personal living expenses.

Monday I will see what happens.

I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

How the Paris attacks are affecting Muslim children_86840561_ramadan976.jpgA children’s newspaper in France is devoting Tuesday’s pages to its young Muslim readers.
Disclaimer: The BBC is not responsible for the content of this email, and anything written in this email does not necessarily reflect the BBC’s views or opinions. Please note that neither the email address nor name of the sender have been verified.

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