Stop British anti-disabled fit-for-work tests, even Conservative says

As a visually-impaired person with periodic bouts of blindness, I have been through this sort of thing, also. Presently I am seeking help from the blind agency in Oregon to get some more education and to turn this blog into a small business. When I lived in Washington State the blind agency there funded a second bachelor degree and an MA degree when I could no longer work as a Certified Public (Chartered) Accountant. My vision back then was better than it is now.

Permanently prohibited from driving in a community that has no weekend or holiday bus service means a lot of time at home reading and surfing the Web. The periodic bouts of legal blindness in my left, reading, eye and the retinal and corneal scars in my right eye makes it necessary to watch traffic flows and pedestrian movements in order to cross streets safely. I have a plethora of low-vision aides and reading glasses to help me shop. Sometimes I will walk by friends and acquaintances in public and ignore them. I too have difficulty seeing faces. Name tags are too small. I try to remember voices.

My Internet devices consist of a laptop, large-screen monitor, and an IPad. The IPad is the best thing for me to use for reading and writing, because I can hold it right in front of my face. For reading printed matter I was very fortunate to buy an old-technology, cathode-ray tube, black and white Telesensory print magnifier. If I put the Ipad on the movable tray, I can read from it without reading glasses. (These devices are very expensive new and low-vision agencies don’t provide them for low-income persons.)

Being “blind” has an on-or-off ring to it. Totally blind persons exist and whether or not they were blind from birth can play into how they will navigate in society. Visual impairment describes the rest of us “blind” persons and the tasks we are faced with in order to function safely and productively. For the most part we are not lazy people gaming the system.

Stop British anti-disabled fit-for-work tests, even Conservative says
This video from Britain says about itself: Blind man Tony Harris told he is fit for work 3 January 2013 Blind man Tony Harris told he is fit for work As the UK government continues to reform the welfare system, a 52-year-old man registered blind since he was 16 has been telling BBC Wales how […]
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Tell the truth about spina bifida – Bruner – 2004 – Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology – Wiley Online Library

One of my Facebook friends told me about this article. As with children born with Disorders of Sexual Development, there is the necessity for doctors to be able to explain to frightened parents what they MAY expect if the child is born. In this way the parents can provide informed consent and not just be at the mercy of someone with his or her prejudices or biases.

Medical Science is, like other sciences, an attempt to describe phenomena using statistical analyses of controlled studies. And with increased knowledge, technology, surgical practices, etc. these controlled studies continue and the results are published in peer-approved journals.

Predicting the future is a statistical numbers game. But each one of us is a separate person whose final prognosis is really uncertain. To terminate a pregnancy is not like betting on a horse race. There are those human emotions and feelings science disregards since they can’t be calibrated or measured. In the end, the final decision must be pure agony for those who have to make it.


Blogg: transatlantictransadvocates.wordpress.com
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Are Traumatized Students Disabled? A Debate Straight Outta Compton : NPR Ed : NPR

Yes, dammit! Traumatized kids ARE disabled! School is a place to learn, grow, and become the authentic person God has called you to be. This is absolutely disgusting and I was traumatized waking up and hearing this NPR broadcast on my clock radio.

Until each one of deals with the racism in our hearts, passed down mostly by our elders, the U.S. will not be a nation of free people. The saying from the Vietnam War days, “No one is free until EVERYONE is free,” has never been truer.



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My Diagnosis is NOT an Adjective: ADD/ADHD #NotAnAdjective

Making jokes about mental or physical conditions trivializes and objectifies persons living with these conditions. All of us need to work on the tendency to do this. What can seem to the speaker as a minor slip of the tongue is heard as another insult added to the insults heard in the past, that further debase, demean, and rob the listener of self worth and esteem.

Elbow Grease Innovation

Limiting ADD or ADHD to only the negative side is damaging, so let's not do it anymore.   My Diagnosis is #NotAnAdjective

ADD/ADHD as an Adjective:

“Oh, I’m so ADD/ADHD”

This phrase usually follows shortly after an individual does something forgetful or after having too much sugar or caffeine. To many folks who are actually impacted by ADHD, hearing this phrase is akin to nails on a chalkboard. By using ADD and ADHD as adjectives, it implies that there is something wrong with those who have a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. Ultimately, using diagnoses as adjectives, encourages the public at large to not take the diagnosis seriously.

What is not ADD/ADHD…

1. Getting bored at school
2. Wanting to play instead of work
3. Having playful and high energy kids
4. A sugar or caffeine rush
5. Carelessness
6. An Adjective

Side note: 1-3  are often developmentally appropriate and normal child development.

What are some symptoms of ADD/ADHD…

1. Can’t focus on an activity even if they enjoy it
2. Distracted by everything
3. Forgetfulness

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Disability Rights Scholarship Program | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Open Society Foundations is offering a Disability Rights Scholarship Program to residents/citizens of selected countries. These persons will commit to staying in their home countries working in disability law, disability rights advocacy , and other areas. There are some educational requirements that can be met in a myriad of ways.

OSF has a multitude of other resources (videos, podcasts, etc.) that can be accessed from this post.


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Grieving for a child I haven’t lost

As I study ways to make this Blog be a mirror of how I feel deep inside about “nonnormative” persons, I feel my heart telling me that we are all normal, in our own ways. At the entrance of the retreat house where I was in formation as a Benedictine Oblate, there was a quote from the Monastic Rule admonishing all to “welcome the stranger as you would welcome Christ himself.” As an Oblate living in the Monastery Without Walls, this welcoming of the other, no matter how the stranger “musters up” to the norms culture conditions us with through social media. Every human being is a sacred, infinite being created by God with the gifts God has bestowed.

The grief of all parents about the things that were dreamed for the future that will never be, like the grief around a child who changes gender, is a true loss. As such, the grief has to happen so that rebirth and strength can then blossom.


imageAs I sat on the bench in a public park the tears came easily. Watching little toddlers peddling trikes and mothers chatting to babies. Seeing pre-school children laughing and chatting as they wheeled around the water on their brightly coloured scooters.

It has been building for a while.

The night before last it was anger and hurt as a friend shared how her 14 month old was defiantly talking back when they were trying to get her to bed. I wanted to scream and say ‘but she understands! But she talks!’ Instead I mourned silently.

The world goes on while I grieve for a child I haven’t lost.

It is a very different pain to others. I know the pain of not having children. I know the pain of losing a yet-to-be-born baby. I know the pain of losing someone very close. I know that feeling of despair and anger…

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