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Random Tankar (random thoughts) 30 mars 2016

It has been almost a year since the idea of this blog started floating around in my mind. And with that year behind, I bring to this year some exciting things to raise Transatlantic Transadvocates to a new level of support for the transgender, intersex, and LGBT community worldwide.

Document Cloud (University of Missouri) has accepted me as a member of their elite organization of investigative reporters and editors. With this membership Transatlantic Transadvocates will be able to research topics in depth and create world class posts. The major task before me now is to learn Document Cloud’s protocols, without running afoul of copyright law, so I can provide my readers with quality news and resources.

From now on the Random Tankar posts will be in English and Swedish. If I discover anything in French, Swedish, or Spanish and I decide to translate and publish the item in English, I will do so in accordance with Document Cloud practices.


Det har varit nästen år sedan idén om den har bloggen började flyter runt i mitt sinne. Och med det året bakom, jag tar till nästa år några spännande saker till höja Transatlantic Transadvocates till en annan nivå av stöd för transpersoner, könsblandade och HBT i världen.

Document Cloud (University of Missouri) har accepterat mig som medlen i deras ett organisation av undersökande journalister och redaktörer. Med detta medlemskap Transatlantic Transadvocates forskningsområden på djupet, och kunna skapa världsklass inlägg. Uppgiften framför mig nu är att lära Document Clouds protokoll så att jag kan ge mina läsare, utan att köra i bråk upphovsrätten, med kvalitet nyheter och resurser.

Från och med nu Random Tanker tjänster komma att vara på engelska och svenska. Och jag upptäcker något på franska, svenska och spanska och jag väljer att översätta och publicera artikeln på engelska, kommer att jag göra det i enlighet med Document Cloud praxis.

#LGBTIEquality #Transgender #Intersex
Roberta A Westerberg, MA *Skickat från min svenska IPad.🇸🇪

AAA Raison d'être - The beginning, Chemical Addiction, Mental Illness, Music, Transgender

Transgender – Suicide is Painless

There was a time I played this video over and over. Things happened in my life that I was, and still am, so grateful for. I was found by persons on another continent, family, who loved me for the person I really was. My being transgender didn’t make me a freak, a pervert, someone to keep the children away from. They had been looking for me for a long,long time: both in Europe and the US. Sounds really good doesn’t it? So what was my response to this?

I wanted to kill myself.

They saw me as someone worthy of love, someone to include in their lives. Someone to clean the house and get things ready for when I went to visit them and stay for awhile. Someone to buy “special” food for and cook for. Someone to love. And THAT is what introduced the suicidality.

They loved me more than I loved myself.

Fortunately, I had the where-with-all to listen to my European family, my friends, and others and GET HELP. I got a therapist, set up a suicide prevention plan, and pledged to do the work I had to do so that I could return the love they and others had for me. In short:

I knew I could be loved and I was not afraid.

It is now over a year since I started getting my life in order. And I feel SO MUCH BETTER. This blog is the result of my new lease on life. Instead of wanting to die and checking out ways to do it, I want to live and do what I can to help others live, and thrive, and become their true selves. I want to make the world a better place for all humanity. THIS is what I have been called to do by my Higher Power, who told me point blank:

I have work for you to do here. Then, I will call you home.

Marching orders.❤️

Kolla in det här videoklippet på YouTube:

#LGBTIEquality #Transgender #Intersex
Roberta A Westerberg, MA *Skickat från min svenska IPad.🇸🇪

AAA Raison d'être - The beginning

AAA – The Beginning 11 months later

Like the telephone book I want to make sure this is in the first tag in my tag list. There is the proper Word Press way to tell my friends about myself. And there is this way that works, for now.

The post on the roll below this one started this blog. Transatlantic Transadvocates was still a new idea to name the blog. I have a blog mentor at the Chemekata Community College office downtown who is helping me bring this raison d’être pour mon existence dans le monde (reason for my existence in the world) to fruition.

(I am also a polyglot speaking, to varying degrees four foreign languages. Three I picked up or refined when I was in Europe during the Cold War. The fourth one is Swedish, the language of the hemlandet (homeland.))

Presently I am retagging around 400 posts. After I started posting transgender articles and reading more about gender and sexuality, I realized that transgender and intersex issues have to be studied together in order to do justice to either medical condition. (In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric association (DSM-V), Intersex is a specifier for a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria.) While the American Psychological Association is still just getting started researching transgender issues, they have yet, as of this writing, to see Intersex as an area of psychological study.

Transgender, Intersex, War, Forced Migration, Human Rights, The Global Status Of Women…we are definitely NOT happy monads living in separate worlds of our own choosing. The struggle for LGBTI persons to just survive in a constantly-changing world is not easy. Being transgender and intersex, doing this blog, and having a heart for the world has given me a vision for service to my LGBTI Family worldwide.

The United Nations has embarked on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. One of the identified areas of work is the uplifting and empowerment of all women worldwide. A stated goal is the elimination of female genital mutilation worldwide by 2030. I have joined the UN NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York. Starting next month I will be taking classes to turn this blog into a small business so I can volunteer my summers with a UN, LGBTI, or other human rights agency. The European migrant invasion includes LGBTI persons in forced migration in its midst. By summer of 2017 the EU may have this situation under control. (With the last of my family living in Sweden I am really concerned about the survival of the EU and their welfare.)

Finally, I mustn’t forget to mention the asylum seekers coming to Salem, OR! I am in a team to help refugees coming to the US from Africa and the Middle East. My role will be working as a Cultural Navigator. I have done this unofficially in the past with an Egyptian and a family from Kenya. All of this, plus the blog, makes me really confident about the future. Let it be, Dear Lord, let it be.

#LGBTIEquality #Transgender #Intersex
Roberta A Westerberg, MA *Skickat från min svenska IPad.🇸🇪

AAA Raison d'être - The beginning

North Atlantic Transgender Advocates Supporting One Another


Welcome from Salem, Oregon…only about a ten-hour plane flight from Amsterdam.  This blog is an attempt on my part to foster dialogue and engender the sharing of resources between transgender advocates in North America and the European Union.  The Internet has started to bring the world together in so many ways.  There is so much we can learn from one another in our common struggle for human rights and transgender equality on both sides of the Atlantic and in the world.  I hope you will join me in this endeavor.


In 1997 I completed my Masters Degree in Psychology from Seattle University.   Due to other pursuits at the time, the degree was just another piece of paper to make student loan payments on.  Then in 2003, after hearing the homophobic rants of a Fundamentalist preacher and seeing the movie about Gwen Arujo, I began to revisit my past and dance again with those demons in my childhood.  In the 1950s and almost all of the 1960s, there was no language to describe gender dysphoria, birth gender vs affirmed gender, etc.  After my first marriage failed after only a few months, I went to a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst to see if he could help me stop wearing women’s clothes.  The doctor surmised that I was “neurotic” and not “psychotic.”  So there was hope for me.  Later, after I got fired from my job, I dropped out and gave guitar lessons for a living.

In 1978 I fled the drug scene in California and moved to Washington State, near the Canadian border.  There I got a job and met a nice lady to whom I was married for 29 years.  (We are still friends.). Before we got married I told Judy I had to sleep in women’s night gowns.  That was OK with her, as long as it didn’t go any farther.

Fastforward to 2003.  Questions about my true gender identity rose up in me, again.  Judy and I attended some support meetings and met other transgender persons in various stages of transition.  Relying on what I learned from the groups and keeping in mind my finances, I decided to change my name ($75 court fee), change the name on my Social Security card and other pieces of ID, and start going to a Gender Therapist.  The Gender Therapist later got the gender marker on my Washington Driver’s License changed from M to F.

Judy supported me in my gender affirmation until 2008, when we dissolved the marriage.  I then moved to the Olympia area in Washington, where I was active in a Benedictine Oblate community.  Being a military veteran, I applied for transgender medical services from the Veterans Administration.  In 2009 I filed for gender change with the Superior Court.  Now I was Female on both the state and Federal levels.  In 2013, there were some formalities I had to endure before I could get a passport with a Female gender marker.


When I signed up for military service in the U.S. Army (1961-1964), I was deployed to Paris where I was attached to the American Embassy.  While in France I learned French, the classic guitar, and visited other European countries before there was a EU like today.  Reluctantly, I came home, completed university, and never could forget those days as a young man over there…

Then, early in 2014, a lady from Sweden contacted me on my Facebook page.  She said she was my cousin!  It seems when Grampa went back to Sweden to visit his sick sister in 1937, he fathered a daughter with the caregiver!  After a decade-long search in Sweden and the U.S., my aunt and cousin found Grampa’s grandsons (?).  This grandson became his granddaughter!  All the more reason to rejoice!  In Septeber of that year I flew to Europe and spent three weeks with my aunt, cousin, and the extended family in Skåne.  My transgender status was not an oddity or something to be feared by my Swedish family.  It was my affirmation of who I was as a human being.  Besides knowing French, Spanish, and German…I now have to learn Swedish.  Det är många bra med mig!


Back in 1997 Gender Identity Dysphoria may have been in the DSM-IV, but it was not a subject for Psychological study.  And I didn’t come out until 2003.  After experiencing the love of my Swedish family and doing some searches on the Internet, in early 2015, I decided to resurrect my MA degree.  I joined the American Psychological Association as an Associate Member and joined APA Div. 44 (LGBT Issues).  Advocacy-wise I am involved with a transgender support group in Salem and this fall I want to get a workshop going on MICROAGGRESSIONS and invite the whole town to it. There is also a lot of reading on my plate that I have to do in the meantime.


This post gets this blog going.  As a “beginning blogger”  I have a lot to learn and I will make mistakes.  English, to me, is the best language to do this in.  EU publications are in English and for those with English-only keyboards communicating won’t be complicated.   WELCOME!  And let’s get this thing rolling!😀😀😀