BBC News: US election 2016: Trump ‘a genius’ if he paid no taxes – aides

Trump is NOT a genius, but he has some super tax advisers who he paid a lot of $$$$$ to to avoid paying taxes. That is all part of the real estate game heavily favored by the tax code. I really hope the American Public is not so naive as to think he pays taxes like working people.

Show your tax returns, Donald. Let’s see if you followed Judge Learned Hand’s cardinal rule:

The American taxpayer is OBLIGATED to pay ONLY the tax that the Tax Code mandates you pay. (Words to that effect.)

Have you been a GOOD American in this respect, Donald? I am sure you have. But the people you are grooming to vote for you may have other ideas. These are the ones who blindly look to you as their Leader (Früher) who will make their dreary, suffering lives better.

Our ancestors came here for new lives. Now some of their descendants say they will flee if you get elected, Donald. What will happen then?

Wait, see, and…

I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

US election 2016: Trump ‘a genius’ if he paid no taxes – aides_91492894_trump_index.jpgDonald Trump’s aides says he is a “genius” if a report is true that he paid no federal income taxes for 18 years after losing nearly $1bn.
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Roberta A Westerberg, MA


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