Här kommer en YouTube-video till dig! Dr. Cornell West: Race Matters

For those times when I need to be lifted up, Dr. Cornell West always seems to deliver. We were both raised in Sacramento about the same time, but not in the same neighborhood. At times my racist parents would talk with derision about Cornell’s neighborhood and the people living there. When I would question them why they felt that way, the retort was: “You’ll know better when you grow up!”

Well, I did grow up. I spent some time in the South when I was in the Service. I came home from Europe to the race riots in Watts and other black ghettos happening throughout the US. Having lived through the trauma of the JFK Assassination while overseas, I now got to see Bobby Kennedy’s murder live on TV. Before that I was working at an accounting firm when Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered. Racists in the office didn’t care. He was just another “God-damn nigger”.

The writings of Cornell West always seemed relevant to the human condition for me. Like Bell Hooks, Audre Lourde, Amir Baraka, and Malcolm X, his words spoke to my heart. In my spiritual journey, his words touched the depths of my being, no matter what faith, or lack thereof, I was struggling with. In 2014 Dr. West was the Featured Speaker at the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association in Portland. He was well received, even by the atheists in this controversial group of free thinkers.

Dr. Cornell West has many, many presentations on YouTube. The Cornell West Reader is also worth your time.

Roberta A Westerberg* Skickat från min svenska IPad.🇸🇪


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