Marrying robots, killing with drones, and making empty selfies

Rollo May, Blaise Pascal, Søren Kierkegaard…The Defiant Power of the Human Spirit (Frankl). It is SO REFRESHING to encounter another existentialist on this side of the Pond. The Positivist mindset has its place in physical science, but for unpacking la condition humaine (the human Dasein [being in the world]) these elements cannot be measured or analyzed. Rather they constitute the emotions and feelings that are innate within each one of us, of which further dissection and reduction would be absurd.

Desultory Heroics

by Edward Curtin

Source: Intrepid Report

Today everything has become a spectacle, including writing. My title probably caught your eye, as it was intended. But now I would like to tell you a personal story about a man whose brilliant work foreshadowed and dissected the issues of my title before it existed. In this he was prophetic, and it is why his work is so important. He always insisted that true artists were able to uncover society’s conflicts before they emerged consciously. Though a psychologist by profession, he was in this sense an artist as well.

His name, Rollo May, has disappeared from public discourse in this era of biological psychology and psychiatry. This great American thinker and writer was the man who introduced existential psychology to the United States. And though he died twenty-one years ago, his prescient voice begs to be heard in our current conditions.

From his…

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