Reporting About Transgender People? Read This. | Resources | Human Rights Campaign

Eight rules for describing who we are and without disrespecting our humanity is not rocket science. We are MUCH MORE than how well we pass, how many hormone medications we ingest, what surgeries we have had “down there” or have had anywhere on our bodies.

We are NOT female impersonators or drag queens, for the most part. Also we are not code breakers or computer hackers, for the most part. We aspire to live our lives, for better or for worse, like the rest of humanity.

All of us have had varying stages of dysphoria living our lives in conformity with the gender we were assigned at birth. We don’t blame our fathers or mothers for our distress. It is not their “fault”. Playing with dolls or the neighbor girls didn’t cause this; but it may have been a symptom of an unvoiced femininity.

There is no “cure” for our affirmed gender: medical, spiritual, or otherwise. But this reality has not gone over well with most non-transgendered members of society. We get bullied at school, rejected by our families, denied employment, and experience violence and hate at the hands of others or from ourselves. (If you haven’t thought of killing yourself at least once in your life, you are extremely fortunate.)

Having said all that, please read this HRC article. Thanks.

Roberta A Westerberg* Skickat från min svenska IPad.🇸🇪