Prisoner Abuse: Patterns from the Past

THE DAY WILL COME when the survivors of torture, fleeing from their homes for a better life in Europe, will have ceased their journeys and are assimilated into the cultures of the various nations agreeing to accept them.

Members of the American Psychological Association (APA) are NO LONGER allowed to assist governmental actors in the interrogation of “resistant sources” or acquiesce in the administration of “psychological, nonphysical” interrogation techniques. But the reality still remains that people throughout the world have been, or are still being, tortured. Psychologists and APA associate members have to step forward and help these people.

In the training of interrogators, actors learn their “craft” from others, foreign or domestic. And in helping these brave survivors, who have fled death by risking death, to release the hold of the past upon their lives and to move forward, WE, also, have to vicariously experience their suffering by reading the same publications the torturers read.

Roberta A Westerberg* Skickat från min svenska IPad.🇸🇪