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Random Tankar (random thoughts) 07/09/2015j

Big day tomorrow. I am meeting with an Internet savant who knows how to survive on social media. Doing this gig, now, is rather free form, but I am besieged with emails on how to make one’s presence in cyberspace even better…and better…and…

Over the weekend I have been getting acquainted with Google Scholar. Resources available on GS are multitudinous and cannot be forwarded to others. One article was the first recorded Intersex surgery done in Greece in 1st cent. BC. The Intersex condition was similar to the one the protagonist had in Jeffrey Eugenides’s novel MIDDLESEX. Going through surgery back then must have been hell on earth.

Future happenings include a website tied in with the blog. I am also interested in the other quick read things like Twitter and Tumbler. Scholarly tomes are of interest to some, but so many of us need a quick sales pitch to convince us to spend our precious time on this or that. Photos and videos are essential to move us from active mode (reading) to passive mode (viewing) now and then.

The foundation upon which all this is to be grounded is my philosophy of life. While legal formality and safe freedom of travel require that I be a citizen or legal resident of a nation-state, global warming, the Internet, and problems (social and environmental) that flood over national frontiers have made all of us world citizens. Transgender and Intersex persons are scattered worldwide and the Internet enables us to dialogue as if we were in the same room.  And dialogue happens through language. What language? The more languages you know the more people you can dialogue with. What about Internet translation programs? Are they better than nothing else? They need improvement and a mistranslation might turn a compliment into a curse or as what happened to President Carter in Poland, a statement of brotherly love into a statement of lustful desire.


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