Don’t Worry – Everything is Not Under Control

Were things “better” when we were invisible? We are NOT all Caitlyn Jenners. In APA categorization we are “Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming.” The task of the Psychologist is to help us become authentic, not to fit us into the existing system. To show UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD to the client without allowing hir counter transference (If my kid came home like that, I’d kick his ass!) get in the way. Gender Identity is such a diverse area when you look beyond the gender binary and into the infinite variety of Gender Nonconforming persons blossoming forth.

Desultory Heroics


By Zen Gardner


What a farce. Telling everyone “everything is under control” is perhaps the most dulling and disempowering phrase ever uttered.

My fascination with language just keeps expanding. I love looking at expressions, words, colloquialisms, so-called “sayings” and the like with fresh awakened eyes. I can’t help it. The supposed, accepted and unconscious meanings of these imposed “expressions” are what direct our minds and turn our attention.

So much of what we’ve been handed down is contorted, manipulated and eventually nestled in the collective mindset to twist our hearts away from simple truth.

How many times has this expression been used to bring seeming comfort to someone; “Don’t worry, everything’s under control.” Really? What control? Who’s controlling what? And why?

So often this is used to imply some powerful force is behind everything directing what’s going on. Remind you of anything? Yes – religion, hierarchy, and social…

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My Journey through Outrage and Hope for the Future

The idealism of our youth is such an important element in the ongoing evolution of humanity towards a more just, equal, and peaceful world. Choosing Psychology as a field of study and lifetime employment commitment is just one of many ways a life can be committed to serving humanity in an important and honorable way.

This post is about a psychology student’s coming to terms with the unethical and horrific collusion of Senior Psychologists with the U.S. Government and its interrogation activities at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The Profession’s image in the world has been sullied by what has gone on down there, and damage control within the APA has been effected. Has enough been done to assure the membership that the APA and the practice of Psychology are both still honorable in the eyes of world society? That remains for the future to decide.


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Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Lyric Video)

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It’s an impossible task, if we try to do it alone. Another Presidential Election is getting started in the U.S. and I am just hearing a lot of crap from times past. BUT WE ARE THE FUTURE. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OUR CHILDREN TO DO WHAT WE CAN TOGETHER SO THEY CAN GROW UP WITHOUT FEAR BUT LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS. MAKT TILL FOLKET🇸🇪. POWER TO THE PEOPLE🇺🇸.

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Petition · cChange the definition of ‘intersex’ to remove the word ‘abnormal’ ·

People born with biological conditions commonly known as intersexed persons are not “abnormal” due to what happened to them during gestation. While being able to tell if the newborn is male or female just by looking at the genitalia is the expected norm, this is not always possible due to chromosomal, hormonal, androgen reception, and other endocrine situations occurring between conception and birth.

The Oxford Dictionary is the Guardian of the English language. The UK Intersex Association, like most intersex activist groups, rejects intersex condition as being Disorders of Sexual Development, seeing them as “variations” of sexual development. But this is a minority voice drummed out by doctors, surgeons, and others blindly loyal to the male/female gender binary.

It’s only been since 2006 that what had been known by the medical community as “hermaphroditism” or “pseudo hermaphroditism” has been codified into the endocrine conditions known as “Disorders of Sexual Development.”

A DISORDER is something out of the ordinary that begs for correction. On the other hand, a VARIATION is just that. If the “variation” is life threatening, then, and only then, is it a disorder. Surgical procedures to somewhat make abnormal genitalia look “normal” destroy sensitive nerve tissue and can make sexual intercourse a painful, unfulfilled experience.


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The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) Full Movie | Grant Williams Full Movie

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The travails of THE SHRINKING MAN where life as “usual” gives way to another existence–initially as something unwanted and feared–that in the end is understood, accepted, and celebrated is parallel to the transgender metamorphous,

A simple problem that psychoanalysis tries to eliminate (wearing women’s clothing) that has ruined a marriage and has made one less of a man, ongoing depression and a suicide attempt because the urge to crossdress just won’t go away, and finally an overheard phone call to the doctor from a patient–Rodney–who was now Veronica. That guy really has problems!

Looking back on those days back in the 1960s from 2015, the fist thing I need to say is that I AM GLAD THE SUICIDE FAILED. There are still a lot of people in the world who consider us freaks, abominations to God, and want to kill us. But there are countless others coming to grips with who and what they are as human beings, demanding an equal seat at the common table of equality, to celebrate their contributions to the diversity of human existence.

Made of–Nausea
You can try but never stop me. This is what I’m made of.
I will never let go. This is what I’m made of.
No one can control me. This is what I’m made of.
You can hate but never break me. This is what I am made of.

Makt till folket! Power to the people.

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Random Tankar

Random Tankar (random thoughts) 27/08/15

According to NPR there is a book* published by the people who published Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, written for transgender children now available.  While the inroads of the past, including, Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out and legalization of same-sex marriage are of monumental importance in the struggle for gay and transgender human rights, this publication is truly as monumental–if not more so–for our children.  YOU ARE OK AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE,  The success of this book will encourage other writers and publishers to follow suit.  A beginning activist could not ask for a better motivator than this waking up.

*GEORGE by Alex Gino (Scholastic Press:  New York 2015)

Next month I will have to make some decisions regarding my enduring presence on the Web, the scope of my target market, and what I need to do, in concert with other activists (not duplicating them), to further the struggle for equality for all marginalized groups.  Until then I am just kind of “looking around”, learning the nuts and bolts of blogging, and educating myself in the art of advocacy.

Theilhard de Chardin, a French priest and paleontologist who died in 1955, was a controversial figure with his visions of humanity being the foundation of a greater consciousness in the world.  Some thinkers look upon the Internet as that Greater Consciousness.  For now we can erase geographical space and connect with others, no matter where, in the world.  Tablets and IPhones allow us to do this, no matter where we are, as long as we have an Internet connection.  Fantastic, if you stop to think about it.  But there seems to be always too much going on to stop and think about anything.


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Genital Cutting: It’s Not About Skin

The entrenched customs of cultures, including ours, MUST give way to the recognition that the body is not to be cut on UNLESS there is a bonafide life-threatening medical condition.

Take This: A Skeptical Blog by TakeThat Accounts

by TakeThatForeski
Say it Frank!

Genital cutting – whether done to those designated female, intersex or male at birth – is not about skin. Yes – it’s skin that gets cut.  But it’s not about skin.  It’s about consent.

In this video, Soraya Mire – a survivor of female genital mutilation and a leading activist for the right to bodily integrity – speaks out about male genital mutilation in America (what gets called circumcision, and how it parallels female genital mutilation in Africa and the Middle East.

Male Circumision - Child and Adult
Should male genital alteration be legal? Absolutely – but only for hose who are old enough to make that decision for themselves.


Should female genital alteration be legal? Absolutely – but only for those who are old enough to make that decision for themselves.


Should intersex genital alteration be legal? Absolutely – but only for those who are old enough to make that decision for…

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